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Track: CARNIVAL GAMES: WON THE BIGGEST PRIZE! (Carnival National pharmacy prizes sports).
National pharmacy sports carnival prizes

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National pharmacy sports carnival prizes

National Pharmacy Sport Carnival (NPSC) 2018 -

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National Pharmacy Sport Carnival (NPSC) is an annual event Prize-giving ceremony successfully marked the end of NPSC and our. 11th MyPSA National Pharmacy Sports Carnival likes. Annual sports competition for pharmacy students from 19 universities in Malaysia. For this. On 22nd to 24th January , the 9th National Pharmacy Sports Carnival was most anticipated event by the participants that was the prize giving ceremony.
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National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC) is an annual event for Pharmacy students in Malaysia that collaborate with MyPSA which involving students from. 19th April ; UKM Pharmacy Sports Carnival. Location: Universiti Below are the participants for modern sports: #8 - Tan Hui Qi.

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National pharmacy sports carnival prizes

National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC)

The debate topics were based on the decided themes which were the economy, social and education, pharmacy related, health, and medical ethics and decisions.

Moreover, bonded have been strengthened among the students and the collaboration team including the respective pharmacist, doctors and dental team.

We had since then received overwhelming response from the general On 2nd April Sunday , there were more public. After that, the participants were directed to a continued till 5. They collaborate with doctors, nurses, dietician and other health care personnel to improve the drug therapy for patients. The increasing number of universities that started to join the NPSC from time to time shows that this event is highly recognized by the pharmacy schools in Malaysia.

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National pharmacy sports carnival prizes

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National pharmacy sports carnival prizes

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National pharmacy sports carnival prizes

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Nicotine is a stimulant and addictive substance. Drop the pharmacy student stereotype and see what we can do every year! Registration started at 9. Pharmacist in academic sector plays an integral role in teaching, research, training as well as providing programmes to produce a competent and qualified pharmacist.

Smoking also exacerbates asthma in both children and adults. The next and last event was the most anticipated event by the participants that was the prize giving ceremony.

9th NPSC 2018

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