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Track: Dord. (Irony No guessing prizes of for definition).
No prizes for guessing definition of irony

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No prizes for guessing definition of irony

40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally -

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(there are) no prizes for guessing what..., who..., etc.

no prizes for guessing sth meaning: something you say when it is very easy to guess something. Learn more. Definition of no prizes for guessing in the Idioms Dictionary. no prizes for guessing phrase. What does no prizes for guessing expression mean? Definitions by. no prizes for guessing something meaning, definition, what is no prizes for guessing something: used to say that it is very easy to gues: Learn more.
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No prizes for guessing definition of irony No prizes for guessing definition of irony

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  • No prizes for guessing - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
  • What it means: “You are not seeing what everyone else can...
  • There is some irony here as the international hotel, or its nonindigenous staff, ' managerial problematic' at work, with research...

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Shadow Game 2 - win Lego by guessing the minifigures!

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Guess That Phrase - Saturday Night Live

no prizes for guessing (something)


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Other forms of irony that you can find in literature include Socratic irony, comic irony, Roman irony, and cosmic irony fate.
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Idioms are those phrases that mean more than the sum of their words.
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